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No matter if you have experience this course is designed for everyone starting their adventure with freediving. You will find that you do not need superpower to dive on your breath. The instructor will teach you what is freediving, what equipment is required, how to properly prepare for diving and what are the safety rules. The course lasts one day, so it is ideal for beginners who want to check if freediving is a sport for them.

Who should take this course?

⁃ 18 or older (or 16 years of age with the written consent of a parent or guardian)
⁃ swimming skills min. 100 m non stop
Required documents:
⁃ AIDA medical certificate
⁃ AIDA Liability Release

What will you learn?

  • Theoretical session:
  • ⁃ equipment
  • ⁃ breathing techniques
  • ⁃ Pressure equalization techniques
  • ⁃ Safety in freediving
  • ⁃ Scuba diving and freediving
  • A breathing and relaxation session
  • ⁃ how breathing helps in relaxation
  • ⁃ breathing after emerging "recovery breathing"
  • Session at the pool or pool similar waters
  • ⁃ static breath hold
  • ⁃ feeling of diaphragm contractions
  • ⁃ safety
  • Session in open waters:
  • ⁃ familiarizing with the equipment
  • ⁃ duck dive
  • ⁃ body position
  • ⁃ free immersion discipline and constant ballast
  • ⁃ swimming technique in the fins
  • ⁃ security and affiliate system
  • ⁃ max. 10 m deep

How can you start learning now?

Start any day, call us ur visi our office in Lanzarote for more details

Diving Courses in Delphinus School
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