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Diver Propulsion Vehicle

DPVs offer a thrilling way for scuba divers to see a lot of underwater territory in a short amount of time. They scoot you through the water allowing you to glide over reefs, buzz around a large wreck or weave through a kelp forest. Whether making a shore or boat dive, a DPV is a great way to see more and have fun doing it.


Who should take this course?

If you’re at least 12 years old and a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher, you can enroll in the PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle course.


What will you learn?

Maintaining your DPV.

How to plan dives, including procedures for staying with your buddy.

DPV-handling skills, such as making proper descents and ascents.

Potential problems and ways to deal with them.


How can you start learning now?

If you have decided to sign up for our Diver Propulsion Vehicle program on Gran Canaria, decide if you would like to add any aditional gear into your training, there is a variety of options on our webpage. Please do not forget to contact our Diving School directly after your purchase in order to assign you your educational PADI eLearning program which is mandatory to complete before our practical diving lessons on Gran Canaria.  


What scuba gear will you use?


Of course, you’ll need a DPV along with your basic scuba equipment. If you have your own DPV, your instructor will have you complete all your training using it. Aditional mandatory equipment will be provided or as well you can order your own to leave not just with skills but also the right equipment after your training.  




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